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Phone Consultations with Rusty Ost, RPh
We are pleased to announce the availability of phone consultations.  This service is available for a 
modest fee charged to your credit card (MasterCard & VISA).  It allows you an opportunity to 
gather information and ask specific questions from the convenience of your own home. 

How to set up your consultation: 

1. Call 239-945-3423 to set up your consultation time 
(we will need your credit card information when setting the appointment) 

2. Prior to the appointment send your information (see below) to:  
3. On the appointed day and time, YOU will call the consultation line you are given.  
ALL consultations are on Eastern Standard Time.

How to be prepared for your consultation:

1. Have a list of your main health concerns 
2. Have a list of your present medications 
3. Have a list of your present supplements 
4. Have available any recent blood work, etc.   
5. Have available your credit card that you wish to charge the consultation to 
Copies of the above can be faxed in advance to 866-848-2987 with a 75¢ per page 

Cost of consultation:
The cost is $100.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $50.00
    About Us

    We are pharmacists who have a tremendous respect for the traditional medical community. We also believe that traditional medicine may not provide all the answers.

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