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These CD's have been designed to benefit your personal knowledge, as well as increase your Shaklee Business.  With our medical backgrounds and our commitment to the Shaklee products and philosophy, we have been encouraged to make these recordings available to the entire field.  Duplication or alteration of these CD's is strictly prohibited by law. 

These CD's can now be purchased in a downloadable format.  Choose the CD you would like to purchase and use the convenient paypal button to process your order and you will be redirected to page to download an MP3 version

Cost per CD is $5.00.  If you want to order mulitple CD's we suggest you process one at a time to ensure you are being redicted properly to the file to download.

If you have any problems downloading CD's please contact us at

Shaklee and the Health Care Professionals - helpful when working with health care professionals
Shaklee Specific Herbs, Volume I - Includes Herbs-Liver DTX, Alfalfa, Herb-Lax, GLA, Glucose Regulation & Garlic
Shaklee Specific Herbs - Volume II - Includes Herbs - Defend & Resist, Stomach Soothing, EZ-Gest, Gentle Sleep, CarotoMax & FlavorMax
Shaklee Target Solution Herbs - Includes Herbs - Cholesterol Reduction, Pain Relief, Joint Health Complex, Menopause Bal, Saw Palmetto & MoodLift
VIVIX - Feel Younger and Live Longer - The science behind this unique Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic
Shaklee's Position In The Herbal Industry - Understanding why the Shaklee Difference is unique.
Shaklee Essential Herbs - Everyday herbs - Great CD for sharing in the healthy 6 pack.  Includes Shaklee Herbs-Mental Acuity, Stress Relief, CoQHeart, CorEnergy, Nutri-Feron & Optiflora.

Good News About Your Heart - The causes, statistics, supplements & prevention of heart disease.

Order the whole set for just $50.00 -  Get one of each CD and the whole set of Phytobytes for one low price.

    About Us

    We are pharmacists who have a tremendous respect for the traditional medical community. We also believe that traditional medicine may not provide all the answers.

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