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Stay up to date with our posts and presentations on Traditional Chinese and Functional Wellness to help Guide your health and wellbeing.


Sneak Peek: Spring Up! Seasonal Renewal 2023

Join Health Coach Dawn Davaz and Susannah Freeman in a sneak peak of the types of content that covered in the annual Spring Up! series, along with the additional services we offer with Spring Up! Many people experience the quickening energy of spring, but our bodies aren’t always on board. At GTHC we give our bodies a chance to recharge every Spring and invite our community to join us. We are offering our unique Seasonal Renewal Program for exactly that reason. Stay tuned for Spring Up! 2024

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Innovations in Low Back Pain with Phillip Steele, MD, RMSK

Phillip Steele, MD, RMSK discusses cutting edge research on treating low back pain. If you are experiencing low back pain, have received treatments for low back pain or are seeking alternative solutions for low back pain, this webinar is for you!

Dr. Steele is based out of Helena where he is a physician at Performance Injury Care and Sports Medicine. He is board certified in both family medicine and sports medicine and is one of the top musculoskeletal ultrasound experts in the country.

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Moving Forward Into Spring

We took time to reflect on the previous 12 months, acknowledging the unprecedented year we have all experienced. Now with the Lunar New Year behind us and spring rapidly approaching, we can look forward to what the Year of the Metal Ox could bring for us all – and it holds so much potential!

Spring is all about rebirth.

Madeline and Susannah are team up to bring you some information and tools to get your system reset and ready to handle all the good things that spring can bring.

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