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At Guide to Wellness, our Mission is to promote peace and wellbeing through natural collaborative health care. We focus on getting to the root of our patients’ medical condition, using the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the science of modern Functional Medicine. 

Meet Your Guide

Susannah Freeman, LAc, MAcOM, Dipl. Ac NCCAOM

Susannah began her training in natural medicine in her teens with the study of nutrition. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Environmental Studies, she taught ecology in the National Parks. She continued her study of nutrition, massage therapy, yoga and meditation. In 1994, she completed her Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She has been a Nationally Certified and State Licensed Acupuncturist for 25 years, each year deepening her knowledge and experience with continuing education and clinical experience.

Meet Your Team

Breana McElgunn, ND Medical Director

Guide to Wellness consults with Dr. Breana McElgunn who is a licensed, family-practice physician in a private practice in Bozeman, Montana. Dr. McElgunn provides naturopathic medical services for the entire family: women, men, and children with a principle focus on women’s health issues. She also treats patients individuals with a variety of acute and chronic complaints providing physical, mental, emotional and preventative medicine.

Dr. McElgunn’s expertise and experience provide a valuable service with expanded additional knowledge to our acupuncture practice.

Her private practice is Gallatin Valley Natural Medicine.

Dawn C. Davaz, Health Coach

Dawn has a rich history in health and wellness. A graduate of Montana State University, Dawn achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics in May of 2020. After working in clinical settings as well as public food service, Dawn chose to continue her education in wellness with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Dawn works with clients to improve health and quality of life. She provides strategies that are specific and applicable to her client’s life and goals, implementing these changes over a series of weekly sessions. Making improvements and positive change is a cyclical process, and Dawn brings in engaging and creative strategies to keep her clients moving forward toward the best version of themselves. In October of 2023, Dawn expanded her work to Hungry Heart Quests, where she offers coaching in conjunction with outdoor adventure experiences. With Hungry Heart Quests, Dawn uses outdoor experience and community to help solidify and amplify a person’s strengths, so they may rely on these to improve their everyday life. Dawn believes experience in the outdoors can be eye opening and empowering in a way that we can take home with us to continue progress in the direction of positive change, not to mention the positive effects of nature experiences on fitness, anxiety, and mental and emotional health!

For more information about Dawn and Hungry Heart Quests, visit her website.


Jack T. G. Schwem, LAc

I moved with Dawn to Minneapolis to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University from which I graduated with a Masters of Acupuncture in 2022. I chose Northwestern because of the integrative focus and had the excellent opportunity to work in integrated student clinics where patients got to see a team of practitioners all working together to help them heal. I look forward to expanding my network of clinicians and perpetuating the lessons learned in these integrative clinics.

I feel profoundly honored to be practicing this potent and subtle medicine. As an acupuncturist I have helped people’s easy breathing come back after bounds of long covid, seen people make strides towards health after traumatic brain injuries, got people back to favorite activities. Practicing acupuncture continues to be a journey filled with all the joy of learning how human bodies work with the added wonder of seeing those bodies work better week after week.


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